NOM News Update: Just a week until the big June 8 primary, and here’s good news....

June 4th, 2010

In an email written on June 4th, 2010:

A new poll shows pro-gay-marriage Republican Steve Cooley slipping far behind in the race for California Attorney General. The Survey USA Advantage poll showed Tom Harman pulling 29 percent, Steve Cooley 22 percent and John Eastman 19 percent, with a whopping 28 percent of Republicans STILL undecided just a week out.
The Traditional Values Coalition just released a strong statement slamming liberal Steve Cooley as a pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage RINO.

“Conservative Voters Beware! Attorney General Candidate Steve Cooley is NO Friend of Pro-Family Conservatives,” said the letter addressed to “pro-family and pro-life friends.” The letter called Steve Cooley “a dangerous pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage candidate seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General.” TVC notes that Cooley’s extremely liberal social views haven’t received much attention in the press, and that “The position of Attorney General in California is of extreme importance. The Attorney General is the one who will either defend Proposition 8 in court or work against it in court.”

They are certainly right about that!

Don’t read too much into John Eastman’s third-place showing. Why? The Survey USA poll offered voters ONLY the names of the candidates and NOT the titles that will appear on the ballot. The ballot title (which in John Eastman’s case is “Constitutional law attorney”) is the information voters will have in front of them in the privacy of the voting booth, and in “down-ballot” races, where candidates lack mega-budgets or a great deal of statewide name recognition, ballot titles make a huge difference in the final vote.

When the Probolsky poll came out in late April showing Eastman with a lead, the polling firm noted, “While none of the candidates for Attorney General are well known, Eastman’s relatively strong numbers are likely reflective of his ballot title.” “Eastman may have developed some recognition among voters from his numerous talk radio appearances, but almost certainly his ballot designation (‘Constitutional Law Attorney’) is an additional key to his strength in the current political climate, especially among Republican primary voters,” explained Adam D. Probolsky, pollster and Probolsky Research CEO. “It’s anybody’s race at this point, but Eastman starts from a good position.”....

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

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