Apparatus Being Used To Tie Wire

No less than two techniques and at least one specialized device was detected to introduce you to the efficient methodologies that go into tying your prepared wire. Your wire, ready for delivery and installation, is being pre-prepared by technicians utilizing their specialized wire tying machines. The WVR 500 uses state of the art design and technology work, considered to be unique to the industry. This system leads to maximized production output for the commercial operator, and with a minimum possibility of any downtime.

wire tying machines

Reverse twisted barbed wire provides commercial operators and property owners with a high tensile barbed wire outcome. The system used to produce this type of wire can put out as much as six barb pitch sizes, all at high production speeds, allowing the commercial operator to positively respond to consumer or client demands. Finally, a PVC extruder is required to achieve what is known as the PVC extrusion line.

The design of intention here is to apply PVC coatings of various thickness for all functional purposes and in a range of colors for both strategic and aesthetic appeal. The camouflage effect is coolly applied to meet the expectations of public and private law enforcement agencies as well as the military. This is yet another contribution towards securing your homeland security. Achieving the extrusion line outcome is made possible at speeds of up to one thousand feet per minute. 

Just one device and a mere couple of techniques have thus far been mentioned. There is more to come for those interested in acquiring new fencing installations to help beef up their premises’ security requirements. Here, only the tip of the iceberg has been reached. Speaking of reach, rest assured that full security is always within your reach.